Plate-nematic phase in a 3D hard-core particle system

  • Date April 5, 2018
  • Hour 2.30 pm
  • Room GSSI
  • Speaker Alessandro Giuliani (Univ. Roma Tre)
  • Area Mathematics


We consider a system of anisotropic plate-like molecules in the three-dimensional continuum with purely hard core interactions. The particles are assumed to be parallelepipeds, of sides 1 x k^\alpha x k, with 3/4 < \alpha \le 1, and k a large parameter. The particles are allowed to have six different orientations, with the sides parallel to the three coordinate axis. We characterize any such orientation by the direction of the minor and major axis of the particle. We show the existence of a range of densities such that the system is in a so-called plate-nematic phase, characterized by long range orientational order (of the minor axis) and no translational order. A transition to a different, `biaxial’, nematic phase is expected and will be heuristically discussed. The proof is based on a coarse-graining argument, which allow us to apply a two-scales Pirogov-Sinai argument. Joint work with M.Disertori and I. Jauslin.