ESGI: 136° European Study Group with Industry

  • Date May14-18, 2018
  • Room GSSI
  • Speaker many speakers
  • Area Mathematics


The Gran Sasso Science Institute and the Università degli Studi dell'Aquila are pleased to host the 136th European Study Group with Industry (ESGI). The one week workshop will bring together the academic community and industries. The European Study Groups with Industry started with the first Study Group in Oxford in 1968. This successful experience resulted in very fruitful connections between mathematicians and industrialists, so that the concept has been adopted later on by other European countries. During the workshop, academics and representative of industry face together challenges that arise in industry , with the aim of offering new methods which may lead to further industrial achievements. In previous editions, companies like Philips, Unilever and IBM have attended the workshop. Year after year, this meeting has become an internationally recognised problem-solving forum for knowledge sharing. The problem-solving workshop provides an exclusive opportunity for interactions between mathematicians, scientists and industrialists. The interested companies submit problems occurring in their daily business, while the organisers guarantee the participation of experts in the appropriate research field.

For info and registration visit the official website.