The Place-Based Approach: Alternatives, Concept, Governance and Implementation


Tuesday 6 - 14:00-18:00
Wednesday 7 - 9:00-12:00


Which policy approach is best suited to bring “places” out of under-development traps, i.e. a persistent failure to fully use existing assets in order to achieve both sustainable growth and social inclusion? This question will first be tackled by reviewing four alternative (and at times complementary) approaches which have repeatedly failed to deliver results. Their contributions and failures will be discussed in order to introduce a fifth approach which definitely looks more promising: the placebased approach, which tackles in an innovative way both the issue of “knowledge” (extraction and recombination) and “power” (the motivation of the elites). After exploring its general features, clarifications will be introduced on three specific issues: how to define “place” (the boundaries issue); how to define and pursue social inclusion; the metric of a place-based approach. In moving to a comprehensive exam of the innovative governance of the place-based approach, the choice is made to explore it not in abstract but with reference to its actual implementation in a nation-wide experiment that is being carried in Italy’s Inner Areas (defined as areas far away from a full provision of services and showing a generalised demographic decline).

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