Invisible through the lens of transit migration: international immigrants in Istanbul and Tijuana

12th of March; 14:30 - 18:00 at GSSI

Giovanna Marconi (SSIIM UNESCO Chair - IUAV University of Venice)
Chair: Adriano Cancellieri (IUAV University of Venice)

Through presenting the cases of Tijuana in Mexico and Istanbul in Turkey as they resulted from a qualitative research carried out in 2008/9, the lecture will provide in depth insights on the local processes triggered by the discourse on transit migration. An apparently contradictory situation will be initially presented: although the presence of migrant residents was hardly acknowledged and problematized, both cities went on multiplying their efforts to fight irregular immigration. By enlarging the picture to the two macro-regional contexts, i.e. US-Mexico and EU-neighboring countries, such contradiction will be read as a consequence and side-effect of the politicization of transit migration by western countries, to be thus considered as not just a new important feature of modern human mobility but rather a political construction designed to obtain collaboration for filtering unwanted flows. With relevant urban impacts.

Giovanna Marconi, is contract researcher at the SSIIM UNESCO Chair on the "Social and Spatial Inclusion of International Migrants - Urban Policies and Practices" of the University IUAV of Venice and visiting Professor at the Venice International University. The main focus of her research and teaching is on south-to-south international migration, transit migration and urban inclusion of international migrants.

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