Regulating the Plural City. A comparison of Two Normative Perspectives

22th of January, 2014; 15:00 - 19:00 at GSSI

Stefano Moroni (Milan Polytechnic) and Camilla Perrone (University of Florance)
Chair: Francesco Chiodelli

Stefano Moroni is associate professor in Planning at Milan Polytechnic. He has published articles and books on planning theory and ethics. Recent works: Contractual communities in the self-organising city (Spinger, 2012; co-authored with G. Brunetta); Ethics, Desing and Planning of the Built Environment (Springer, 2013; co-edited with C. Basta); La città responsabile. Rinnovamento istituzionale e rinascita civica (Carocci, 2013).

Camilla Perrone is assistant professor on Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Florence. Her concurrent appointments include Founding Director of the Research Laboratory of Critical Planning and Design, and Coordinator of the PhD Program. She has published articles and books on spatial planning, participatory design, and urban policies for managing diversity. Recent publications: Giochi di potere. Partecipazione, piani e politiche territoriali (Utet, 2013; co-edited with M. Morisi); Everyday Life in the Segmented City (Research in Urban Sociology, Vol. 11/2011; co-edited with G. Manella and L. Tripodi); DiverCity. Conoscenza, pianificazione, città delle differenze (FrancoAngeli, 2010).

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