Socio-spatial differentiations in the urban lifeworlds / Governmentalities of urban crises


Socio-spatial differentiations in the urban lifeworlds

November 18th, 2013, GSSI


Penny Koutrolikou (National Technical University of Athens)
Chair: Ugo Rossi (University of Turin)


This seminar will explore multiple aspects of socio-spatial differentiations as they are manifested in contemporary cities. First, it will discuss approaches concerning poverty and social exclusion through some key theorists and will raise questions about the experiences of living in multidimensional poverty in cities. Moreover, it will present contemporary urban policies and programmes that aim to deal with issues of multiple deprivation. Second, this seminar will focus on socio-spatial segregation emphasising on the elements of ethnicity, race and religion. It will present the prevalent debates around urban socio-spatial segregation and explore the recent debates of ghettoisation and ‘parallel worlds’ in European cities. Lastly, by bringing together the diverse aspects of urban socio-spatial differentiations and inequalities, this seminar will discuss the concept of advanced marginality, while also reflecting on the recent discussions on socio-spatial justice in cities.



Governmentalities of urban crises

November 19th, 2013, GSSI


Penny Koutrolikou (National Technical University of Athens)
Chair: Ugo Rossi (University of Turin)


This seminar will discuss the governance of urban crises by focusing on the latest crisis that several cities and countries are facing. In doing so, it will draw on a range of political theories concerning power, exception and emergency, and politics of fear. It will then discuss on the urban aspects on crisis-management as they have been expressed via ‘crisis regimes’, austerity politics and austerity urbanism. As a specific case study, it will present the case of Athens (Greece) and will explore the governmentalities of what has been presented as ‘the crisis of the centre of Athens’. Lastly, and based on the workshop ‘Crises regimes and emerging social movements in South European cities’ (February 2013), it will reflect on the commonalities and differences of how the recent crisis is managed and experienced in some cities in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain


Penny Koutrolikou is an architect/planner (National Technical University of Athens, Greece), with a PhD in Planning Studies (UCL, UK). She has taught courses on urban development, urban sociology, community development and cultural heritage in Birkbeck College (UK), University of Thessaly (Greece) and National Technical University of Athens (Greece). Her recent research focuses on how discourses stigmatise people and places and influence policies (focusing on the ‘ghettoisation’ discourse concerning the city of Athens), on the governance of urban crisis and the tactics involved in it and on socio-spatial inequalities in European cities.


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