Searching the local universe for gravitational waves produced from Core Collapse Supernovae

  • Date June 29, 2015
  • Hour 3 pm
  • Room GSSI Room A
  • Speaker Michele Zanolin (Embry Riddle University, PI-LIGO ERAU group)
  • Area Physics

The detection of gravitational waves from core collapse supernovae (CCSN) could elucidate fundamental physics questions like the driving mechanism of the shock wave. In this talk I will summarize the activities of the Ligo and Virgo collaborations to detect GW from CCSNe. The role of electromagnetic observations both in terms of narrowing the time interval to search into as well as including robust features of the GWs in the constrained likelihood detection statistics of Coherent Waveburst (CWB) will be described. A review of current emission models, detection ranges, and coordinations with the EM astronomical community will also be provided. 

In the second part of the presentation I will describe the approaches to perform waveform reconstruction and progenitor identification.