BRODY Luca Sara

My engagement with urban studies emerged through a strong interest in the sociology of subcultures and deviant groups in Budapest, Hungary. During my studies at Corvinus University of Budapest, I was analysing the shifting nature of social norms and rules across Europe, focusing on the powerful role of social policies in creating collective responses to social problems. After a few years of work experience, I decided to gain a more in-depth understanding of processes of policy making, and enrolled for an MSc in Social Problems and Social Policy at the University of Amsterdam in 2013.

In my thesis I focused on creating a typology of urban gardens in Amsterdam, analysing how diverse institutions affect the discourse on urban agriculture, and translate into the promotion of contemporary urban policy goals. I have developed a sound understanding of various forms of collaboration between communities and local institutions, in times of adjusting to new economic trends. Moreover, I had the opportunity to present the results of my thesis at the 9th International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis in Wageningen, the Netherlands, in July 2014.

Following graduation, I started working with two foundations that focus on implementing new technologies and enable urban sustainability. I participated in the start up phase of a sustainable transportation service, cleaning the last food mile of the city. Furthermore, as a research and communication intern at a relevant EU organization, I monitored international urban planning and policy practices, and conducted research for EU Presidencies.

I aim to broaden my research scope with regard to the potential of temporary use of vacant land in creating more inclusive cities, analysing how an urbanising world and social innovation can contribute to a better provision of foundational goods and services, and adapt a more just city.

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