My academic background as a political scientist in Naples – a city known by its mix of beauty, disorder, delinquency, social movements and art – taught me to interpret the city like a complex ecosystem where social and economic features contribute to define the form of the city.

I got my BA diploma in International and Diplomatic Relations at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. My dissertation focused on the structural changes and impacts that have characterized the international monetary systems over the XX and XXI centuries. This theme, studied in this city, made it very clear to me that international events have concrete effects on the daily life of cities and people alike.

I was fascinated by this cross-disciplinarity and decided to deepen my expertise in both fields of development economics and urban studies.

This took me to Barcelona. I joined the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and focused on the urban side of the duality I had identified. I took an MSc in Urban Planning and Sustainability and designed a roadmap for the regeneration of an ex-industrial area in the north of the city: the challenge was to draft how (sustainable) urban development could respond to specific social and economic needs of the area, while aligning it with the prevailing urban model of Barcelona.

Following my plan to combine both sciences, I returned to Naples and got a second MSc in Development and International Cooperation at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. In my final work I examined strategies of development on small and medium-sized cities and mapped existing analytical approaches to the planning of these cities. At the same time I outlined the main features of a model of urban planning addressing the needs of local authorities, and based on the city resilience approach - a crucial factor for sustainable and inclusive urban development.

Beside my academic experience, I grasp and experiment with the urban phenomenon through the multiples lenses of my camera. I photograph everyday life in urban peripheries and collaborate with an Italian magazine, NapoliMonitor as photo reporter on social and geographical conflicts: some of these reportages were very well received and even turned into exhibitions.