HAUPT Wolfgang

I am originally from Nuremberg, Germany and studied Geography at Dresden University of Technology. In my undergraduate studies my minors were Political Science and Land Readjustment and Real Estate Management. The specialization of my master's program was Urban and Regional Development.

I examined the role of municipalities in energy transition in France and Spain in my master’s thesis. My particular interest was to find out more about the primary motives of municipalities that committed to develop renewable energies in their territory.

In the framework of the European project "Cities on Power" I examined and assessed the roles and functionality of different funding programs to support renewable energy generation in urban areas. Having already learned a lot about sustainable city development and energy policies in a German and European context, an internship in Edmonton gave me a deeper insight into Canadian practices and concepts in these areas.

I consider the adaptation to climate change as one of the biggest overall societal challenges of my generation. The vast majority of energy consumption, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions originate from urban areas. On the contrary there is relatively little (clean) energy generation in cities and further measures to reduce urban pollution and emissions have not yet been adopted to a sufficient scale. What our future looks like will significantly depend on how we (further) develop our cities and I feel the need to play an active role in that process.