ARTERO Maurizio

I attended the University of Milano-Bicocca where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a curriculum in “Territory and Local policies” and a thesis concerning Milan in the cinematographic collective imagination. 

Subsequently, I enrolled at the University of Milan (“Università degli studi di Milano”) for a Master degree in “Social sciences for research and institution” (Scienze sociali per la ricerca e le istituzioni), department of Political Sciences, in order to major in methodology and technique of the social sciences. My dissertation dealt with the phenomenon of the Gated Communities and its current presence in Italy. In particular, the thesis’ trajectory required an investigation designed according to qualitative research methodology focused on two different gated communities in the Milanese area; I gathered and analyzed materials and opinions of the inhabitants with the purpose of discussing some major explanations for its spreading, such as the “fortress mentality” and “club goods” theories. 

I have also collaborated with Codici, a social research agency, on realizing reports and analysis pertaining local welfare programs. This experience has conducted me to cultivate an interest also in the field of local welfare system and public actions for community cohesion and support for the bracket of the population suffering social marginality. 

Hence, my research interests focus on the local size of the social dynamics, ranging from the socio-political actions to the socio-spatial separation. In particular, my main interest relates to the residential enclaves in the urban context and to new ways social inequalities are rendered into a material space.