Is a City Planner with a particular interest in comparative urban policy developed as a result of studying and working in both Africa and the USA. She obtained her BA in "Urban and Regional Planning" at the University of Nairobi. She has a Masters in "City and Regional Planning" from the University of California Berkeley, USA. 

Her research and career interests are centered on the role of political governance, planning education and democracy in shaping Urban and Development Policy. Specifically, she is interested in the harnessing of political power, local knowledge, the expertise of urban scientists and city managers to collectively generate policy solutions that advance social and economic equity in cities.
Her interest in socio-economic equity has led her to research and work with academic, government and non-government agencies committed to advancing policies that cater for the needs of the most vulnerable groups in society such as children, women, the disabled, and low-income communities. As part of her Masters thesis she explored "the impacts of Slum Upgrading on Children's Education and Household Economic Outcomes in Kenya". Prior to joining UC Berkeley, Keziah worked at the University of Nairobi as a researcher, and in collaboration with Civil Society Organizations to advance access to housing and services within Kenya's Informal settlements. In the summer of 2012, she worked with the City of Richmond to support the implementation of the Health and Wellness element of the City's general plan by developing an urban Agriculture Policy. In 2014 she worked with PolicyLink as an inclusive governance intern where she supported a study to identify how government and planning agencies in USA include traditionally underrepresented communities in decision-making processes.
Keziah is keen in advancing equitable urban planning policy, particularly in Africa.