I completed my Bachelor degree in Balkan Studies at the University of Western Macedonia, Greece. I also hold a Master in International Relations and a Master by Research in Social and Political Thought, both from the University of Kent, UK. During the latter, I examined the role of memory during times of crisis. Taking as a starting point the unfolding crisis in Greece, the thesis suggested that remembering plays a significant role in restoring the agonistic and political character of memory. Embracing the classical meaning of the word krisis, which understands crisis as a time for judgement, the aim of my research was to dislodge crisis from a sense of urgency in an attempt to recollect broader questions and perspectives that have been ignored by and through crisis-as-urgency. My research weaves together literature from critical theory, memory studies and urban theory. In addition, I also developed a strong interest in the way memory struggles can be retraced in the urban environment. As such, I am particularly keen to further understand the theoretical underpinnings behind urban transformation. My research interests include the political and social aspects of urban planning with a particular focus on memory, colonial legacies and social segregation.