I like to define myself as a nomad researcher, this because the exploration of spaces and geographies is for me an unavoidable dimension in order to formulate appropriate questions and eventually look for answers. The complex interrelation between places and human beings, often organized into articulated social bodies, as always been at the center of my interests and this is the reason why  I decided to enroll at the course of study in Urban Planning and Policy design at Politecnico di Milano where I also continued studying also for my Master. During the studies I had the opportunity to spend six months at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) where I could develop a greater consciousness about the different approaches to planning and city making. My interests embrace a wide range of fields: through the final work for my bachelor I could target the compelling theme of collective management of natural resources, argument that has its roots in the attribution of value to limited assets. The concept of value has been further deepen during the final work of my Master, in this case i tried to calculate the economic value of beauty in historic downtowns in three Italian cities. The research has been conducted through application of the Hedonic Prices Method.  Once finished the studies for a couple of years I have been working for different public administrations; it has been fundamental in order to grasp and have a fairly good understanding of the complex dynamics that lie underneath every decitional process. In the last years I had a lot of to think about the importance of narrative and information, about the different communicative and educational methods and about the relevance of the often neglected or trivialized anthropological roots of every process including those involving the spatial dimension. Through this lens I'm deepening, even if mainly outside of any academic context, two argument that have always caught my curiosity and attention: the huge theme of migration and that of planning in areas of armed conflicts and reconstruction.