GRABNER Simone Maria

Simone’s ambition to create influential academic research is deeply rooted in her genuine urge to understand the world and to achieve a positive impact on society. Her interests in pressing social issues, such as poverty, underdevelopment and environmental degradation, led her to study Economics at the University of Vienna. Simone also sought engagement with policy makers and civil society organisations: She pursued an internship at the European Parliament in Brussels, volunteered in Cairo and worked as a campaigner in a regional election in Austria. These experiences sparked her curiosity in the spatial dimensions of social issues, as she was exposed to challenges faced by very different regions. Intrigued by alternative economic approaches, Simone pursued a master degree in Political Economy at Kingston University in London, which is renowned for its pluralistic and critical approach towards economics. There, she also worked as a research assistant on topics on development and financialisation. Her master thesis was an empirical investigation on the effect of private debt, housing wealth and financial wealth on private expenditures. Simone’s research interests lie in the field of regional and urban development and specifically focus on territorial resilience as a key strategy for sustainability. In her research she wants to analyse the impact of sudden shocks and chronic stresses on territorial systems. Those include natural disasters, economic crisis, poverty, unemployment and inequality. Simone is also interested in the systemic interrelations of shocks and stresses and in the spatial dimensions of contemporary transformations such as globalisation, technological innovations and climate change. Simone places a strong emphasis on the societal impact of her research, which she pursues with a policy-oriented perspective. Furthermore, she uses insights from complexity science, network analysis and geo-spatial science for her research which further contributes to the cross-disciplinary vision of the GSSI.