"I am a doctoral researcher in Urban Studies and Regional Science, GSSI. In 2013, I got a B.A in Intercultural Communication from the University of Turin with a thesis concerning the housing crisis in Turin, focusing on institutional policies and social movements agencies. Then in 2016, I completed my career with an M.A in Sociology, the topic of my thesis was on the interaction of housing, income support, and rent control policies in the city of Turin, focusing on the welfare-mix system. 

Furthermore, I worked for almost two years as a member of a research group aimed at providing monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Nuova Carta Acquisti, an experimental income support policy integrated to social activation measures.

In GSSI, I am currently focusing on inter-municipal cooperation (IMC) in Italy, more specifically I am working on the case of Municipal Unions.

My academic interests are in the fields of urban studies, housing and public policies, governance processes, multi-level governance, social exclusion, social movements, migration issues, ethnographic research, qualitative methodology."