I started studying sociology because I was, and still am, fascinated by how we manage to live altogether in such a complex social organization. In 2015 I graduated at the University of Florence, obtaining my Master Degree in Sociology and Social Research. I am particularly interested in Environmental Sociology, Social Network Studies and Actor Network Theory, an interest that brought me to write and discuss my dissertation about the foundational processes in the development of the first form of human society: hunter-gatherer societies. I also focused on the role played by non-humans in these processes, which I discussed in a paper titled “The Role of Non-Humans into Stabilizing Early Hunter-Gatherer Societies”, presented at the Third ISA Forum in Vienna in 2016.

I arrived at GSSI for the Ambrosetti Scholarship to study disaster resilience processes in central Italy. My research will focus on resilience at a community level, trying to assess their resilience capability and develop comparable overall resilience indexes, in order to help local communities to rebuild their local economies and social spaces and being at the very centre of these processes.

My other research interests include social networks in hi-tech districts, the development of sharing economies in low income areas and the study of local policies through ANT methodology.