MAGANTE Maire Carroline

I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of Santo Tomas and obtained a Master of Arts in Economics, minor in Game Theory for Economic Analysis, from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Professionally, I have worked with Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase & Co. for roughly five years combined. With the former, I was a full time Associate for the Global Equities Banking Services department where I handled reconciliations, settlements and payments of equities from the Australian and Japanese markets. My experience with the latter comes from being a Team Leader for the Corporate and Investment Banking department. 

The schooling at the GSSI will produce a thesis that is Financial Inclusion Within the Context of Development in Emerging Markets. The primary focus of the study is to contextualize the financial inclusion within a developing economy. In emerging markets, there is a significant absence of access and support from the financial sector impeding progress and development from the marginalized group. The impacts of basic financial services are yet to be fully explored particularly from the point of view of the unserved. Thus, this thesis will include an in depth design of organizational foundations incorporating financially inclusive programs that are accessible to the less privileged.