Originally from Singapore, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at The University of California, Berkeley where I also pursued a minor in sustainable development. I graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Masters in Urban Planning, and specialisations in both International Development, and, Social and Community Planning. My thesis, “Planning for Medical Tourism”, explored how strategic policy outcomes of local economic development planning and practice can be achieved with the participation of local residents and businesses. 

I then joined the Urban Redevelopment Authority in Singapore, where I oversaw the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, screening worldwide submissions for promising planning directives across cities. Thereafter I focused my efforts on developing a mobile application that would contribute to local government’s policy objectives. I believe more resources, both private and public, can encourage such efforts to improve the quality of life. My interests lie in closing the gaps that exist in today’s planning processes; between local governments, private stakeholders and local residents in their governing regions, and the available technologies that can be integrated into government strategies.