My academic experience started with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design at La Sapienza University of Rome, continued with Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at Roma Tre University of Rome and landed in a Master’s Degree in Urbanism at the Technical University of Delft. This peculiar journey through scales was motivated by a growing social engagement and an increased understanding of the impact that spatial aspects can have on complex socio-political and economic realities society.

In my Master thesis at the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft I investigated the topic of housing shortages and affordability problems in Italy, and how they are linked to urban development. The project aimed at exploring whether urban regeneration and a more coherent urban development can play a role in mitigating the housing shortage, with a specific focus on Rome and its vacant and underused residential stock.

This exploration led to further research into vacancy and affordability within the Department of OTB - Research for the Built Environment of TU Delft. There, I worked on the relationship between residential vacancy and house prices, approaching the apparent paradox that existed in Mediterranean countries in the decade before the economic crisis - when both house prices and vacancy rates were growing - from a welfare regime perspective.

My research interests include issues of housing affordability and shortage, and the relation between housing and planning systems. In particular, I am fascinated by how peculiar cultural or socio-political features - such as the type of public-private relationship, the level of corruption or the type of welfare regime - can impact the housing and the planning system.