Born in Milan in 1990 but grew up in Rome, I decided to studying economics while the 2008’s Financial Crisis was beginning. I graduated in my Master of Sciences in Economics in the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, following a bachelor degree in the same institute, with a dissertation titled “Income inequality, grouping bias and historical analysis. Evidence from Italy, 1948-1976”. During my Msc, I lived my Erasmus in the Paris 9th University “Dauphine”, where my academic overview was widely enlarged, attaining courses as Development Economics or History of Economics Thought.

This approach led me to start working full time, after my graduation, in the real estate research society I collaborated with occasionally even before, Scenari Immobiliari.

After a year working there, and a lot of parallel study and social commitment in my city, Rome, I realized my dissertation work on income inequalities should have been continued. But in a different way. Urban areas are now where all the conflicts and inequalities of our society take place; migrants issues, new kind of unemployment, health inequalities, all of these issues, as examples, are critical for our modern times and are directly linked to urban settings. Studying them from a direct point of view is the challenge GSSI launched to us and it’s crucial to win it.