DING Xuefeng

I’m Xuefeng Ding, a PHD student at Astro-particle physics unit of GSSI. I hold a MSc degree in theoretical physics from Wuhan University of China. My PHD program is about the precision measurement of solar neutrino fluxes in Borexino experiment and the estimation of corresponding sensitivity in JUNO experiment. My current research interests are the search of solar CNO neutrino through elastic scattering and the impact of detector response modeling on neutrino mass hierarchy determinations. I am one of main contributors in Borexino Phase-II data analyses. I developed a multivariate fitting package GooStats accelerated by graphics processing unit, and it was heavily used in the Borexino Phase-II analyses. I also developed a reconstruction package for JUNO experiment to suppress dark noise to improve energy resolution of sub-MeV events with the clustering algorithm. In 2018, I received the Chinese government award for outstanding self-financed student abroad.

  • Area: Particle physics experiment data analysis
  • Education

    PhD Astro-particle physics - GSSI - Italy
    MSc Natural Science - Wuhan University - China
    BSc Natural Science - Wuhan University - China

  • Keywords: neutrino physics, dark matter, neutrino-less double beta decay, parallel computing, CUDA, statistical analysis
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