I am a PhD student at GSSI, where my research is focused on the theoretical studies of nuclear reactions of astrophysical interest.

I started to be involved in theoretical nuclear physics during my master, studing the possibility of pure hadronic time reversal violation in light nuclei using chiral interactions.

Now my main topics are the study of nuclear reactions of light nuclei in a complete ab-intio approach using the Hyperspherical Harmonics (HH) and the exstention of HH method to eavier system.

Due to the expensive computational cost of this method, I am also intrested in high performance computational system.

I am memeber of the FBS group of INFN of Pisa and I am collaborating with the LUNA experiment at LNGS.

  • Area: Astroparticle Physics
  • Education

    Bachelor degree in Physics -University of Trieste – Trieste (Italy)
    Master degree in Physics -University of Pisa -Pisa (Italy)

  • Keywords: Theoretical Nuclear Phyisics, Nuclear Astrophysics, Nuclear Reactions Few-Body systems, Hyperspherical Harmonics, ab-initio calculation, chiral interaction.
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