I attended the University of Trieste for my bachelor’s degree in Physics, earned in March 2014, and my master’s degree in Physics – Theoretical curriculum, achieved in October 2016.

I approached the High-Energy Astrophysics during the last year of my bachelor’s degree, when I worked on data analysis of Gamma-Ray Bursts observed by the Fermi satellite. Since the last year of my master’s degree, I started to work on the phenomenology of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows. In particular, I focused on their high-energy emissions in view of the upcoming development of the Cherenkov Telescope Array.

As part of my academic formation, I worked in collaboration with researches from INFN-Trieste on a project focused on temporal properties of bright Gamma-Ray Bursts detected by Fermi during summer 2014. The results have been presented at the fifth Fermi Symposium and published in the conference proceedings. My current interests are devoted to the high-energy astrophysical phenomena and their phenomenological and theoretical modelling. During my PhD, I expect to acquire the expertise necessary to work in this research field.