MESCHINI Valentina

I was born in Montelupone (Marche) in 1989. I started my academic studies at University of Camerino, where I took my bachelor degree in 2011 with a thesis on modelling the spread of AIDS using differential equations. For my master degree I moved to Trento, where I specialised in Biomathematics and Biomedicine.

In 2014 I graduated working on my final thesis on modelling epidemics and dynamics of sexually transmitted infectious diseases. The core was given by a research project I did at the Department of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology of Imperial College of London. Before starting my PhD at GSSI, I won a research grant at the Centre of Biomathematics of University of Urbino, studying a stochastic model of brain tumors, with focus on the regulation of PTEN in Glioblastoma.

In my future I would like to improve my knowledge on applied mathematics and hopefully to continue working on the field of Mathematical Biology. Besides my studies, I enjoy playing volleyball and saxophone.