My research activity is mainly focus on the development of low temperature calorimetric detectors for the investigation of rare processes, both in astroparticle physics and particle physics. Most of my effort are addressed to the enhancement of the performance of massive cryogenic detectors for the investigation of neutrinoless double-beta decay (0νββ). This extremely rare nuclear process, never observed in Nature yet, may shade light on fundamental properties of neutrino such as its absolute mass scale and hierarchy.

Since 2008, I am part of the CUORE collaboration. CUORE is be the largest bolometric experiment ever built, with a detector mass of 740 kg, searching for the 130Te 0νββ. Inside the CUORE collaboration I have played a major role in the radioactivity working group,  defining protocols and procedure for the detector construction.

Currently, I am the Principal Investigator of the CUPID project at the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratories (LNGS) of INFN. CUPID-0 is the first detector prototype that investigates 0νββ decay with an array of scintillating bolometers. In the CUPID-0 international collaboration I am covering the role of Run Coordinator and Responsible of the LNGS research group.

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