Luca Aceto has been a professor of computer science at the GSSI since September 2017. Before joining the GSSI, he was a full professor at Reykjavik University (2004-to date), an associate professor at Aalborg University (1996-2006) and a lecturer at the University of Sussex (1992-1996). He is an elected member of the Informatics Section of Academia Europaea and a member of the Icelandic Academy of Sciences. He also serves as the chair of the editorial board of LIPIcs, Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics, and is a member of the Executive Board of the journal Logical Methods in Computer Science and of the editorial boards of Acta Cybernetica, Acta Informatica and of the Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming. He was the president of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science in the period July 2012-July 2016.

Luca Aceto’s main research interests are in concurrency theory, with emphasis on the study of algebraic process description languages and on the techniques they support to specify and reason
about reactive systems, logic in computer science, structural operational semantics and applications of equational logic to process algebras, formal languages, automata, tropical semirings, min-max
algebras and the theory of fixed points. He received a Distinguished Dissertation Award of the British Computer Society in 1991 and the Reykjavik University Research Award in 2012.
Luca Aceto’s full CV, which includes a complete list of scientific publications, is available at Most of his publications may be found at