I am a Post-Doctoral Researcher in “Theoretical Astroparticle Physics” at the Gran Sasso Science Institute since December 2015. My research activity mainly focus on Multimessengers Astronomy, i.e. on theoretical and phenomenological modeling of astrophysical signals such as low-energy and high-energy neutrinos and/or gravitational waves with the purpose to study intriguing and/or exotic astrophysical phenomena, e.g. Core-Collapse Supernovae and Strange Stars. At the present, I published 89 ISI indexed papers and my H index is 25 (source WoS).

I received my PhD in Physics in 2009, with a thesis on “Statistical analysis of SN1987A neutrinos: implications for the emission model, neutrino properties and gravitational waves search”. I was awarded by the SIF with the “Polvani” price for master thesis on 2009 and by the SIGRAV on 2014 for relevant contribution in Astrophysics, Cosmology and Experimental Gravity. I was Scientific Coordinator of the Gran Sasso Center for Astroparticle Physics (CFA) on 2014-2015. I am member of Virgo experiment since 2008 with the task of a joint neutrino-GW search for nearby core-collapse supernovae. I am the local Coordinator of the LNGS “Neumatt” INFN theoretical working group dedicated to the search in the field of nuclear matter in astrophysical object since 2014.

Office room: Mariani Building, floor -2, last office SD-2

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