I did my Ph.D. at ETH Zurich (Switzerland), where I focused on the derivation of hydrodynamic laws from the Boltzmann equation in the regime of large Knudsen numbers. Afterwards, I have been a postdoc first in the Physics Dept. of K.U. Leuven (Belgium), where I worked on the linear response theory for stochastic dynamics, and then at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London (U.K.), where I did research on the theory of Fluctuation Relations for chaotic dynamical systems. I then worked as a Research Associate in the Mathematics Dept. of Turin Polytechnic (Italy), where I investigated the statistical properties of electronic transport in quantum disordered systems. 

In November 2014 I started my postdoc at the Gran Sasso Science Institute to work in the field of mathematical statistical mechanics. From November 2016 I moved to the University of L'Aquila, where I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics.

My research concerns nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, with a special focus on interacting particle systems and Monte Carlo simulations.