PUNZIANO Gabriella

Post-doctoral research fellow

She is currently Post-doctoral research fellow at the GSSI Social Sciences Section. She obtained her Ph.D. in Sociology and Social Research from the University of Naples Federico II in 2012 with a dissertation on Methods for the Comparative Analysis of Social Policy and Welfare Systems. Previously she was a Research Fellow (2013-14) at the University of Naples, Department of Social Sciences, contributing to a project on Social Change in Welfare Systems. In the same University she has been giving courses since 2009 in Methodology of Social Research, Techniques of Social Research, Policy Evaluation, Advanced methods for quantitative research and Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Communication. She was a visiting research fellow (2014) at the SOFI (The Swedish Institute for Social Research), Stockholm University (Sweden). Previously she joined a multidisciplinary and international research group (2012) on the sustainable development of the sea port area in the North of Stockholm. Her research activities focuses on analysis of social policy and social scenario, by exploring the impact of European Integration and globalisation on social inclusion and cohesion policies.