I was born and raised in Farsala, in the rural continental part of Greece. For 8 years, I worked and studied in Athens, where I obtained my degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), Department of Business Administration with specialization in Management. I also hold the AUEB’s diploma in education, having been trained in the fields of psychology and teenager/adult education. Being rather interested in the territorial dimension of development processes, my next academic step took place in the Polytechnic school of the Université Francois-Rabelais in Tours, France. In 2013, I enrolled in the International Research MSc Planning and Sustainability: Urban and Regional Planning. There I was introduced in spatial planning through interdisciplinary approaches, connecting my background in economics with territorial policies, social and environmental implications. I find attractive the European reality, where diversified territorial development paths come together, thus, during my Master, I focused on the EU’s intentions, their translation in policies, programs and actions, as well as on their actual impacts. In my thesis I examined the EU’s cohesion initiative of innovation and questioned the sustainability of the process of innovation’s incorporation in regional policies. My current academic interests relate to urban and regional development through alternative economic thinking, outside strict monetary terms, on the basis of territorial cohesion and cooperation and collaborative economy models.