Is a Brazilian professional with experience in Development and International Cooperation, Government Relations and Local + Regional Governance. Her work projects ranged from slum upgrading to regional development, government cooperation and sustainability, all of which fueled her interest in inter-disciplinary approaches to cities and urban issues. During her undergraduate degree in Architecture and Urban Planning in UnB, Brazil, she produced the final paper entitled "Ireland's economic growth: its effects on Urban Planning in Dublin". This was quickly followed by her MSc in International Cooperation and Urban Development in TU Darmstadt, Germany with the final thesis "Metropolitan Governance: inter-municipal consortia as an institutional alternative. Case study Conleste, Rio de Janeiro". After obtaining her academic degrees, her professional path led her to work in India, Germany and Brazil, in organizations that include grassroots NGO Saath, UN Habitat, ICLEI and the Foreign Commonwealth Office. Her recent research includes themes such as metropolitan governance, protests and public spaces, inclusive cities and public policy. Having recently worked two years on UK - Brazil cooperation for the Olympic Legacy in Rio de Janeiro, the topic of metropolitan governance has become a focus once more. Apart from her professional and academic pursuits, Luciana is an avid traveller with strong interest in street art and urban interventions.