VERGA Pietro

Born and raised in Milano (Italy), I first approached urban regeneration issues in the early 2000s when as a junior political activist I was involved in projects for the re-use of abandoned industrial buildings as well as in several local struggles for the right-to-housing. Willing to bring my political engagement to a professional and academic level, I enrolled at Polytechnic of Milan where I gained a MS in Urban Planning & Policy Design writing my final dissertation on “Regenerating Via Padova. From a Lack of Policies to the Proposal of a Collaborative Policy”.

I was then a Visiting Scholar at the Hunter College of the City University of New York where I wrote the research paper “Community Development as a Way Out from Crisis. Guidelines for Milano from New York City’s Experience”, which I presented at the 5th Joint AESOP/ACSP Congress in Dublin in July 2013. My current research is mainly oriented to highlight tools, strategies and policies capable to join private investment with public and non-profit intervention in order to trigger non-mass-displacing regeneration processes within left-behind, low-income neighborhoods – holding to Susan Fainstein’s Just City principles: equity, democracy and diversity (Fainstein, 2010).

Moreover, I pay particular attention to the world of community development organizations and specifically to their governance frameworks, fundraising strategies and negotiation tools such as community organizing, mutual housing models, public subsidies and special credit tools, private funding-catalysts, and collaborative action of different kinds of actors within a trading zone. Beside my research activity, I am also an amateur photographer of urban landscapes and society, and I have developed a strong interest for urban subcultures, street arts and music.