I have been studying Physics for five years. I got my Bachelor degree in December 2010, at the University of Bologna. I wrote my final report while working with the ANTARES group, for which I studied the atmospheric muon decoerence. It was my first step into Astroparticle Physics. Since then, I have cultivated my interest in this field with great passion. In summer 2011 I was in DESY Zeuthen as Summer Student. I took classes and I worked with CTA group. My task was to study how the geomagnetic field affects the telescope angular resolution. This experience introduced me into the gamma-ray Astrophysics and I've been truly fascinated by it. I got my Master degree in April 2013, after 2 years attending the Particle Physics course. For the thesis task I joined back the ANTARES group in Bologna. This time I focused my studies on the possibility to detect showers induced by cosmic neutrinos. It was a unique chance to go deep into neutrino Physics and neutrino- based Astronomy. In summer 2013 I spent two months at Fermilab (Chicago, IL) as Intern working with ArgoNeuT and LarIAT experiments. This experience gave me the opportunity to get involved in the framework of neutrino Physics based on Liquid Argon TPC and understand how this kind of detectors work. In these years my interest in Astroparticle Physics has increased and my aim for the future is to keep on working on this fascinating field.