I was born in Savona where I lived and studied up through High School. I then moved to attend the University of Genova to study physics. There, I got my Laurea in Fisica in 2011 and my Laurea Magistrale in Fisica in 2013. I have worked as a member of the Borexino Collaboration since I started working on my master’s thesis. Borexino is a huge and ultrapure solar neutrino detector. It is the best detector currently available in terms of radiopurity and thanks to this fact, it can explore the very low energy region of solar neutrino spectrum. Apart from the current solar neutrino physics phase, some developments for Borexino have been planned: in 2015 it will look for sterile neutrinos in the framework of the SOX project, giving an answer to the deficit in the neutrino flux observed by some reactor experiments. As an additional future for Borexino there is also the possibility to redevelop the experiment, giving it a new purpose as a new generation neutrinoless double beta decay experiment. In fact, it is possible to dissolve gaseous xenon (enriched in the isotope Xe-136) inside Borexino's liquid scintillator in order to obtain a giant active mass experiment, also taking advantage of the extremely high radiopurity of the detector. The work I did for my master’s thesis focused on the research and development of this type of experiment by creating a test chamber in Genova to study the optical properties of the scintillator charged with xenon at high pressure.

Apart from that, I am very keen on neutrino physics, physics beyond the Standard Model and ultra low background experiments. I also love skiing, and I love doing it literally everywhere: on stones, on grass and of course on snow! Especially, I like freeriding in powder snow. Fortunately I can survive in the summer, too, since I also like hiking in the mountains and I love riding my Ducati all around the hills and villages of Northern Italy.