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Scoap3 for the open access

It's called Scoap3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics) and will be launched by early 2014. It is a project in support of Open Access, to scientific publications, argued on the basis of the fact that the results of public research should be accessible to everyone. The launch of the project was announced by CERN , the leader of this initiative, thanks to which most of the articles about particle physics will be available at no cost to users, both authors and readers. The subscription costs, in fact, are replaced by the membership fees to the consortium . Scoap3 involving 24 countries, including Italy, and is the result of an agreement signed by 11 editors of high quality scientific journals. INFN will participate to this initiative of great interest for the scientific culture. To the success of the investment have actively collaborated with the INFN CARE- CRUI , CINECA and CIPE, some universities not belonging to such groups, CNR, ICTP, SISSA and ENEA .