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Carlo Rubbia senator for life

The President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano appointed Professor Carlo Rubbia senator for life, a recognition of distinguished merit of those Italians who, through their commitment and work, have brought honor to our country. "In the GSSI - Eugenio Coccia GSSI Director said - we are particularly happy about this important recognition given to Carlo Rubbia, who has joined the project of our new international PhD school. Rubbia is signing all of his scientific works as Professor of the Institute and our students will have the opportunity to attend his lectures here in L'Aquila starting by next November". Carlo Rubbia was Nobel Prize laureate in physics in 1984 for his important confirmation of the Standard Model of Particle Physics represented by the discovery, made at CERN in Geneva, of the W and Z bosons, particles that mediate the weak interaction. Carlo Rubbia has brought his important contribution also to the Gran Sasso National Laboratories where, among other researches, gave birth to the ICARUS experiment, the heart of which is an original giant digital camera capable of displaying very precise details of neutrino interactions.