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Cosmic spies

Unaspected high-energy neutrinos were spotted at the South Pole. These neutrinos could have been produced by astrophysical processes occurring outside of the solar system and still unknown. The discovery was made by the Ice Cube experiment, a neutrino detector placed under the Antarctic ice. "It’s a very interesting result", underlined Giorgio Riccobene, from the INFN Laboratories of the South, who works at Km3Net project for the construction of a neutrino observatory in the abyss of Mediterranean Sea. "Neutrinos actually carry intact energy and direction: thus detect and study these particles provides us with essential information about the source that generated them". "The intensity of neutrino radiation at these energies is known only with large uncertainties - Francesco Vissani GSSI theorist and expert in neutrino physics explains - however, these findings seem in agreement with the general theoretical expectations. Instead, the type of neutrinos, that should be observed from cosmic distances, is known better thanks to the theory of neutrino oscillations: I eagerly wait to know whether these expectations are obeyed".


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