Tuesday, 02 May 2017 back

GSSI students awarded at the XVI IFAE High Energy Physics Meeting

Silvia Celli and Lorenzo Pagnanini, PhD students in Astroparticle Physics at GSSI, were awarded for “Best Young Researcher Talk” and “Best Poster Presentation” respectively at the XVI IFAE National Meeting on High Energies Physics organized by INFN in Trieste.

Silvia Celli presented her talk "Very-High-Energy gamma-rays and neutrinos: the search for pevatrons" on the existence of cosmic sources able to explain the cosmic ray flux measured on Earth up to PeV energies and investigated in the light of a combined gamma-ray and neutrino detection. In particular, she discussed the supernova remnant paradigm, as well as the recent multi-TeV detection of gamma-ray from the Galactic Center.

Lorenzo Pagnanini’s poster “CUPID-0: a cryogenic calorimeter with particle identification for double beta decay search” explained CUPID-0, the first experiment of this kind realized at the INFN Gran Sasso National Laboratories which started collecting data in March 2017.